College Tuition Breakdown 2019

College tuition, admissions, and enrollment data for top U.S. universities


Where does your college tuition go? What are the admission and enrollment rates for a college? What are the most popular majors at a college?

We seek to answer all these questions and more. The most important question we want to tackle, however, is college tuition.

Rising College Costs and Tuition

College tuition and costs have risen dramatically over the last 30 years. Between 1988 and 2018, college tuition has increased 213% according to CNBC. College tuition increases have outpaced salary growth as well according to MarketWatch:

college tuition increase vs salary increase

Breaking Down College Tuition, Admissions, & Enrollment

Inspired by the GeekWire podcast, the goal of College Tuition Breakdown is to show the numbers behind each university to help prospective students and parents make an educated decision about applying and enrolling into a college. We aim to show all 300+ colleges in U.S. New’s 2019 National University Rankings, so check back frequently!

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